BusinessGarau is a new platform to enlist different kinds of businesses all over Nepal. This website helps to expand Business, Franchise Opportunities and also helps to promote your business. BusinessGarau enlists the businesses that are for buy and sell purposes. 


This website helps you to enlist your business like retail stores, hotels, and restaurants, including office space for sales. This website is made with the purpose of making buy and sell a bit easier by listing all the information about different businesses on one platform.


 BusinessGarau connects you to your potential buyers/investors. BusinessGarau takes your buying and selling purpose to the next level by connecting the sellers and buyers directly all over Nepal. We create a thread for you where you can talk to the buyer/sellers directly without any interference.

You will have a dashboard with each listing where you can have personal communication with potential buyers/investors and you can keep track of your communication with multiple interested parties. 

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Business Consultant in Nepal